Muda Approved Sites for Sale in Mysore

Muda Approved Sites for sale in Mysore

Buy MUDA Approved Sites


The full form of MUDA is Mysore Urban Development Authority. It is a government organization in Mysore that takes care of the infrastructure planning and development, site allotment for development purposes and housing needs of the underprivileged in the city. In other words, MUDA is the agency that is authorized to approve any of the sites in Mysore that is available for development purposes. It is, therefore, very important that when you are checking out various sites, you only select from the MUDA approved sites for sale in Mysore.


When you go for MUDA sites in Mysore, you can be confident of the following things:

  • You are buying MUDA approved sites in Mysore.
  • The necessary infrastructure work such as roads, water supply, sewage lines, electricity connection and plan for amenities such as parks and open spaces have already been incorporated in MUDA approved sites in Mysore.
  • The availability of all infrastructure and facilities allows for taking up the construction work immediately upon registration of MUDA sites for sale in Mysore.
  • Your interest as a buyer is fully safeguarded.

Invest Your Trust in Rai Estates

We have been in the field of property development for the past two decades. Our impressive results speak for themselves. The name of Rai Estates evokes trust and we work hard every day to keep up our customers’ trust. We have the reputation of delivering projects:

  • located on MUDA approved sites for sale in Mysore.
  • having clear deed titles
  • that abide by the rules and regulations laid down by all the authorities concerned.
  • located in promising locations and fetch maximum appreciation in future.
  • with the relevant land status that serve your purpose.
  • on time.
  • of the highest quality.
  • with world class amenities.
  • at an affordable cost.

Once you have decided to invest in one of the MUDA sites for sale in Mysore, Rai Estates is the choicest property developer and we can help you tide over the process smoothly.