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Mysore is a dream city with clean and green environs. Its planned development has placed it in the list of smart cities of India. With several corporate giants having setup their offices here, it is on its way to become the next commercial hub after its twin Bangalore. The unique blend of the old world charm and modernity is what is absolutely striking about Mysore. Overall, it is a really nice place to settle down. Consequently, the prices of plots in Mysore are skyrocketing.


In case, you have plans of settling down here and are looking for plots to purchase, you better know about MUDA or the Mysore Urban Development Authority. It is the government entity responsible for the infrastructure planning and development in the city. MUDA is also the approver and authorizer for site allotment for development purposes. In other words, MUDA approved plots in Mysore are the ones to choose when you are trying to zero in on plots for purchase.

Why MUDA plots in Mysore?

  • You will be safe as a buyer in every which way when you go for MUDA plots for sale in Mysore.
  • Registration of MUDA plots in Mysore is almost hassle free.
  • MUDA approved plots in Mysore are bound to have the necessary infrastructure and amenities in place, so you can straight away begin constructing your structure on it.

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