Is buying a residential plot in Mysore your dream? Don’t put your money on any piece of land.

To get full value for your money, valid documentation, maximum appreciation, and immediate resale you should only go for MUDA approved sites for in Mysore.

 What is MUDA?

MUDA or Mysore Urban Development Authority is a government organization responsible for infrastructure planning, development, and other related services in Mysore.

This urban city planning organization was established in 1904. It is responsible for the construction of civic buildings, circles, parks, boulevards, drainage, and sewage systems and all other development activities in the city has to be under the approvals and good faith of MUDA like other urban development authorities such as BDA in Bangalore.

Safest Investment  

Buying a MUDA site is considered as the safest investment to date, Sites with clear papers, in optimum locations with a good approach in a promising locality will never depreciate in value. Value of plots rises faster than any real estate asset class including agriculture land & apartments.

Also, age does not affect the value of plots, whereas it would keep appreciating as the city expands. This doesn’t mean the price of an apartment will never rise infrastructure, developments & neighbourhood will definitely push up the value of both plots and apartments.

However, Appreciation in Apartments will be significantly lesser than plots as the building would depreciate due to age. Whereas buying an agriculture land is complicated in nature and unreliable as an investment for individual investors.

Where to buy?

MUDA plots are available in all the areas under MUDA’s jurisdiction and in MUDA Developed layouts but obtaining allotment for MUDA sites is a cumbersome process.

Therefore suggest you buy MUDA sites in Mysore from reputed private developers who have a long-standing reputation and are delivering as promised.

If you want to invest in one of the MUDA sites for sale in Mysore, contact Rai Estate, a leading property developer in the city with the expertise of over two decades. We can help you to make a good investment on land in Mysore.