Residential Sites in Mysore

Residential sites for sale in Mysore

Best time to invest in Mysore

Why Mysore?

Residential sites in Mysore are selling like hot cakes. The reason is that Mysore is becoming the next destination of choice of the corporate sector with several established companies showing their presence here. The list includes IT giants such as Infosys, Wipro, Nestle and L&T to name a few. It is helping drive the prices of land sites in Mysore through the roof.

There several reasons for the rapid growth of Mysore and are given below:

  • It is one of the most well-planned cities in India
  • It has been ranked high amongst the cleanest of the class 1 cities in India in the Swach Bharat Rankings with the best sewage, drainage and solid waste disposal systems
  • The traffic situation, environmental cleanliness, air quality and slum population is all well under control
  • It is coming up as one of the smart cities with an improved quality of life
  • It is a popular tourist destination with cultural and historical significance
  • It has managed to retain its old world charm even in the midst of its rapid growth
  • It has a good network of hospitals, schools, professional colleges, hotels and shopping malls

They are reasons to choose one of the residential sites for sale in Mysore. Investing in sites in Mysore can also fetch you healthy returns.

Why Rai Estates?

If you are looking to check out sites for sale in Mysore, we can help you pick up the right choice that will fetch you handsome returns. Our prime focus happens to be residential sites in Mysore, Bangalore and Mangalore with over two decades of experience as a leading property developer. From development of residential layouts, townships and apartments to villa projects and farm house projects, we have done them all on MUDA sites in Mysore. World class amenities, quality work and timely completion at an affordable price are our forte.

We can help you pick up residential sites for sale in Mysore that are in good localities, have a clear title and high appreciation value. Contact us with your specification list and we can help you pick the choicest of sites for sale in Mysore.